How video marketing can boost your SEO.

In our last blog we discussed how important video marketing is for your business. One thing we didn’t discuss in more detail was how video can boost your site’s SEO, as the subject is worthy of a blog post in itself. Here we explain how video content can boost traffic and improve your site’s rankings.

Increase search rankings.

The main goal of any business’ SEO strategy is to be on page 1 of Google. Forrester reported that websites with video content are 53x more likely to appear on page 1 of Google. Simply putting a video on your homepage won’t result in you ranking at the top but adding one will keep audiences on your site for longer and increase engagement. This means that instead of getting a high bounce rate, viewers will stay longer and Google will see this as a positive sign and rank you more highly.

Social Shares.

Creating a video that gets people talking gets people sharing. If a video becomes popular with its audience it can be shared in online articles and on social media platforms which in turn generates backlinks to your website which has a great impact on SEO. This is one of the main factors search engines look at when determining rankings. One easy way to implement this is to include social share buttons on an embedded video, which encourages and streamlines the process for people to share the content.

The power of YouTube.

Here at Atom Studio, we absolutely love Vimeo. There’s a huge creative community, incredible content and they don’t stuff adverts in all your videos. Despite this, we always use YouTube when uploading our work and there’s one very simple reason – the potential audience is huge. Each day over 5 billion videos are viewed and it gets over 30 million viewers. You don’t need to be good at maths to realise that viewers are sticking around the site to watch more and more content. This increases the possibility of more people visiting your site.

The negatives effect.

Although we’ve focused on the positives of video and SEO there is one aspect that we need to cover – how and why it can have a negative effect.

If your video is poorly produced, isn’t engaging or fails to discuss the topic adequately then this will result in high bounce rates, where visitors will leave your site and look for better content on other sites. Check out another blog post we wrote which was all about producing engaging explainer videos.

Another often overlooked aspect that can have a negative effect is autoplay. How often have you clicked on a site only for a video to start playing automatically, resulting in you quickly closing the tab down or going back to the search results? It’s such an invasive, aggressive way to communicate to your audience and could have a massive impact on your bounce rate. There are exceptions – we use an autoplay video to show examples of our portfolio but it has no audio and works in the context of advertising instantly what we do. Apple recently released an updated version of Safari that automatically blocks autoplay videos and it’s only a matter of time before others follow suit.


SEO should be a major part of any business strategy and video marketing, especially animated videos, are a vital element. As technology evolves, video’s dominance will only increase and using it as an effective SEO strategy is something neither global or local businesses can afford to ignore.

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