Our Process.

We follow a tried & tested process to ensure we create work that not only exceeds your expectations but, more importantly, meets your objectives and reaches your audience.

1. Briefing

At the start of the project, we sit down with you to really understand your business, target audience, objectives, budget requirements and your deadline. We also take the time to work out what graphical style will suit your audience, objectives and budget.

2. The Script

Without a doubt, this is the most important stage. Using the details from the brief, either you or our team create a script which will be the foundation for the entire project. It’s important to find the right tone and it’s also important to ensure it isn’t too long.

3. Treatment

We then create a treatment, complete with storyboards and style frames. The treatment explains what will happen in your animation and the overall concept. Storyboards show a frame by frame breakdown whilst style frames depict the final look of your video.

4. Voiceover

We’ve got a great network of talented voice over artists we work with to help you find the perfect voice for your animation. This stage is vital in connecting with your target audience. We advise you and ensure you get the perfect tone and approach.

5. Animation

Once all the previous stages have been signed off, we start animating. Depending on the length and the style, this process can take several weeks. Early on, we create a 30s preview for you to give feedback on. Then we continue with creating the rest of the video.

6. Sound Design

Often overlooked, this section is the glue that binds everything together. Great sound design can improve the overall production value and increase the impact of the voice over and the animation. Also, during this stage, we select the right audio track.

7. Delivery

Once all the feedback has been completed, we then arrange to send over the final files. During the briefing you let us know what format(s) you require and we fire them across to you. As you’ve been involved during each stage, they’ll be no surprises.

8. Sign Off

Finally, once all the feedback has been completed and you’ve received your final animated video, you can then sign off the project and celebrate. Whilst we’re high-fiving in the office, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your final animation.